Medical Device Development

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EAP MedTech Consulting Makes a Name for itself in Asia-Pacific through Medical Device Development

EAP MedTech Consulting Sdn Bhd (EAP), a medical consultation firm with more than 20 years of experience in the medical device industry, is an upcoming brand for medical device development, contract medical device manufacturing, marketing, quality and regulatory assurance in the Asia-Pacific region.

EAP is made up of a team of vibrant and tireless consultants with expertise in the area of quality assurance, lending their knowledge of regulatory affairs and international quality standards towards the improvement of medical device development practices in Malaysia and Asia/Pacific.

Partnering with medical device companies in the healthcare and life sciences industry, EAP incorporates long-term strategies that contribute to regulatory compliance and international standards of quality within every step of medical device development, ensuring that these strategies are well-executed and suited to every phase of the product development process, from product design at the beginning through to effective marketing and promotion practices at its end.

Holistic consultation services such as these have grown in demand in the medical device and lifescience industry recently. EAP takes care of the essentials all through to the final points of a product development plan for clients, ensuring that the relevant manufacturing and documentation requirements are fully met and are in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Services:               

EAP assists clients by sourcing and contract manufacturing active and non-active medical devices as well as in-vitro medical devices in line with the ISO 13485/QSR certification. EAP currently provides Asia/Pacific-based clients with this comprehensive range of product design, development and marketing services before taking its next step to the global market.

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